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We are the largest independently
owned express network
in the world.

About us

The SkyNet Worldwide Express network stretches across all continents, providing the Global business community with fast, reliable and secure Express delivery services to almost every country and territory Worldwide. Our Global Network of offices provides you global reach, competitive transit time, online tracking and proof of delivery.

What's more, our fast, efficient and reliable global express services are underpinned by a powerful and user-friendly web- based system. This system features on-line tracking, proof of delivery, electronic invoicing and smart dispatch systems.

With our Regional Hubs, along with daily flights to and from the most important cities, SkyNet is positioned as the leader in the international courier and cargo business. SkyNet Worldwide Express can provide the fastest transit times along with the best pricing available in the industry thus making it the Company of choice for all your shipments in the world.


As one of the pioneers of the courier and cargo industry, SkyNet Worldwide Express has established relationships with local customs in each country which permit us to clear and deliver in the most efficient way.


  • One of the oldest courier companies - Established in 1972.
  • Most extensive air cargo network in the world!
  • Full coverage to major cities in almost every country in the world.


SkyNet Worldwide Express launched its first services in the USA in 1972. Through understanding customers various needs and in response to market changes we have become the largest independently owned express network in the world providing flexible and reliable door to door services.

With major gateways in Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, New York, Miami, Singapore and Sydney.

As a single-source provider, we believe that with our flexible business model we maintain a competitive advantage by providing our customers consistent, worldwide, door-to-door delivery. Our team carries out and keeps up its success by creating effective, reliable, and flexible solutions that meet the market current and future needs.

To succeed and expand in today’s marketplace, we use advanced information systems as a key component in providing high quality service.


Independently Owned And Locally Operated the SkyNet Worldwide Express Network is a unique international courier cooperative. It is composed of locally owned courier companies operating as SkyNet licensees.



SkyNet Worldwide Express is an independently owned entrepreneurs’ network. Our line of work is based on developing a wide array of services within the Express, Mail and Freight industries to support the domestic and international business and transactions of our customers.

SkyNet Worldwide Express has the mission of providing fast, reliable and unfailing quality services, where flexibility and non-standard solutions are combined to ensure customers’ unique requirements are met. We rely on the added value of integrated communications with our network partners, customers and their clients where timeliness, speed, customization, feedback and quality are key elements.



Together we form the largest and most flexible network worldwide to offer express services. With the vision of further growing the business, SkyNet Worldwide Express continuously strives to enhance its rendered services by challenging its highly experienced and diversified workforce into adding that extra effort in everyday duties, which will strengthen our position, foster good working relationships and respect the environment we live in.



SkyNet Worldwide Express operational activities evolve around Innovation, Integrity, and Quality Service.

Our people strongly believe in the significance of the more subtle set of values of Commitment, Dedication and understanding where our skilled, proactive, problem-solving-oriented and fast-moving workforce show the way towards success.



SkyNet Worldwide Express is aware that attempts have been made to mislead persons by the fraudulent use of the SkyNet Worldwide Express name and brand, in addition to false e-mails concerning methods of advanced fee fraud, "competition" or "lottery" winnings, all of which appear to originate from, refer to and/or include the SkyNet Worldwide Express name and brand.

The fraudulent communications typically concern an unknown third-party request for advance wire transfer of money to pay for goods ordered on the internet, before the goods will be allegedly shipped by SkyNet Worldwide Express, or by requesting advance payment before the release of competition or "lottery winnings" can be completed.

We advise all customers to beware of such requests for advance on-line payments, and that the existence of a shipment number is not necessarily proof that a consignment is in the custody or control of SkyNet Worldwide Express.

If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of any SkyNet Worldwide Express communication or whether SkyNet Worldwide Express is in fact delivering a shipment intended for you, please contact your local station.

Our Regional Hubs:


8601 NW 27th Street
Doral, Florida 33122


18-21 Pulborough Way
London TW4 6DE

Middle East

Building Office #2
Dubai Airport Road
P.O. Box 8523


Zipcode: 469332


Unit G3, Isando Business Park,
Cnr Vanacht & Gewel Streets, Isando.
Johannesburg 1609